Fire and Ice Game

Fire and Ice
Fire and IceFire and Ice Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 21 votes.

Are you ready for full fact of exciting minutes? If your responce is "Yes" then initiated the game with "PLAY NOW" button. Your goal in the game, is to destroy your enemies by using different types of heroes, as in the classic proceeding games.

There are two types of hero, one is iceman and the other is fireman. The iceman is at long range, but; fires from the ground, by skimming, as for the fireman is short range but; fires from the air directly. The game controls are as follows: Move with "Arrow" keys; jump up with "Space" key. In addition to firing towards your enemies, and you can kill them by jumping on their neck as well. It will be enough to take changing chracter bonuses interspersed in the section to use the other character.

Energy and time indicators are on the top of the screen. You can pause the game and turn up-down the music sound of the game with buttons located in the bottom of right hand side, at the same time, during the game.

Hope you have fun!