SMO Arena Fighter Game

SMO Arena Fighter
SMO Arena FighterSMO Arena Fighter Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 37 votes.

Be ready to face with Arena Fighter, which is one of the most famous games, in recent times. You will experience full of action moments in this game that you can play not only by yourself, but also with your friends. If you are ready, launched the game, respectively, first click on "PLAY" and then "NEW GAME" buttons. Your single goal in the game is, to beat all your opponents badly, with different type of guns! As to the key combinations are as follow:

Moving: "W,A,S,D"
Shoot: " G"
Toss bombing: "H"

Acting: "DIRECTION" keys
Shoot: " 4 in numeric keyboard"
Toss bombing: "5 in numeric keyboard"

Before beginning to the game, you can specify the name of your character, can change the physical appearance of your character, at your will. In addition, if you would like to have a good grasp of the game properly, you can open the training parts with "TRAINING MISSIONS" button. It is necessary to select the "TWO PLAYER" game mode, who would like to play with two people. The more you keep hold down on the bomb key, the more you can throw far away your bomb. Also, in some types of game, as long as, you commit murder; more golds will be falled abundantly and continuously. You can buy new weapons, by collecting those golds from "WEAPONS SHOP" button. Pay attention for that weapons recoil, so long as, you continue fire. If you are ready for this filled with full of action adventure, together with your friend, not wait too much! Good Luck!