Big Birds Racing Game

Big Birds Racing
Big Birds RacingBig Birds Racing Rating: 3.9 out of 5 based on 125 votes.

We continue to offer great opportunities, with multi-player options. We cause to race ostrich, in this game, just four people, can play simultaneously. If you are ready, be four corners, get behind with your keyboard.

Initiated the game, with "NEW GAME" button. The key combinations are as follows:

Activation and Function: "Q" key.

Activation and Function: "V" key.

Activation and Function: "M" key.

Activation and Function: "P" key.

The game consists of three different races. It is necessary to jumping the barriers, in the first race; in the second race, running fastly, in the third race, you need to fall down to deep spaces. These three races of finishing time, is calculated and determined a universal time. All the competitors who complete the race, in the shortest time, becomes winner. In due course of the game, you can respectively, turn down the sound of the game, and return to main menu, with buttons, founded in the lower left corner of the screen. Good Luck!