Sue and Friends Game

Sue and Friends
Sue and FriendsSue and Friends Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 votes.

Is there anyone who sees Sue's smallness? If there is not, you will see her smallness, in this game. Sue and her friends go to the name of land cakes, when she was a kid. Plays there various kind of game and eats cakes. Your aim in this game, is to collect the cakes falling from the air, before her friends.

When the game is loaded, click on the upper side button and then, initiated the game easily. You can manipulate the small charming daughter Sue, with "MOUSE". Just click left to jumping up. Manipulate Sue to the cakes falling from the air swiftly.

In addition, there are a few points to consider: There will be coming out some moles from the ground, occasionally and these moles will take your energy. It may falling iron from the air, instead of cakes. Make sure not to take them as well. You can follow your points and your energy, with indicators, founded in the upper side of the screen. When the contest is finished, you can start again, with the most-right button. Enjoy your stay!