Rocket Toilet 2 Game

Rocket Toilet 2
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The adventure continues from where it has left off, with Rocket Toilet 2! Look what kind of surprises are waiting for the stone age hero, coming a long way distance, with Rocket Toilet 2, in this chapter. Why are you still waiting to see how gets ahead the stone age hero, starting to his adventure, from the period of the stone age, by jumping from era to era, with his rocket toilet?

Click on "Start" button, you can forwarded the photos, telling the history of the game, by using "Next" button located in the lower right corner side of the game window. After then, initiate the game, by clicking on "Let's Play" button.

Game controls are as follows:

Achieving balance       : "Right-Left Arrow" keys.
Launching Ramp          : Set with "Mouse".
To perform the launching: "The left-button of the Mouse".
Extra features          : You can make activate the Rocket, by clicking on "Left-key of the Mouse".

After the rocket toilet falling down and stop, you can purchase new features that help you to improve your rocket toilets from the "Shop" button, with money that you have gained. After completing the improvements, you can turn back to the game, by using "Launch Again" button.

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