XPeed Game

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Would you like to participate in contentious race against your opponents with a high-speed aircraft climbing kilometers away, high from the earth? Then, you are not too late, let's get begin!

Having the game is loaded, you can move to the main menu, by clicking on "PLAY GAME" button, located at the bottom right corner side of the game window. You can play the game in three different ways in that "ARCADE MODE", "SINGLE RACE", "WORLD CHALLENGE". After clicking on "ARCADE MODE" option, before starting to the race, determine the difficulty level of the game; like "EASY", "NORMAL", "HARD", "VERY HARD" options. Then, select the character that you would like to join the race and initiate the game, by using "START GAME" button. After applying the steps on "SINGLE RACE" button, you can initiate the race.

Having you clicked on "WORLD CHALLENGE" option, choose the character which you want to attend. Thereafter, you can pass the elucidating windows, by clicking on "START GAME" button and then, you can initiate the game very easily.

You can control the race car, by using "ARROW" keys.

In the course of the game, you can pause the game with "ESC" key and also with, appearing options for example; with "RETRY LEVEL", you can start the game from the very beginning and with "MAIN MENU" can return to the main menu.

Enjoy your staying!