GunBall 2: Emperors Revenge Game

GunBall 2: Emperors Revenge
GunBall 2: Emperors RevengeGunBall 2: Emperors Revenge Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 7 votes.

This is a suitable game for the people who would like to claim that I am not only shooter, but also agile. Go on, respectively, "Play Game" and "Continue" buttons. If you would like to skip the introduction part, click on "Skip" button. Your purpose in the game is to destroy all your enemies around you and win your opponents.

You can manipulate your hero "W, A, S, D" or with "Arrow Keys". You can target with "Mouse" and shoot with left click of mouse. You can turn on-off the music sound and return to main menu with buttons founded on the upper left hand-side, during the game. In addition, pause the game, with "P" key and go on with pressing on it again. You can provide power increase, by entering "Skill Part" when you are in main menu and you can buy extras by entering "Shop" section.

You can use your special power which you set in the skill section. It is displayed your health status and if you have special power status on the top of the screen during the game. Now, let's give some tips about the game: After killing your enemies, try to collect the coins coming out as it possible. Also, there is a feature of shopping store that work for you. You can return back the items the store as the same as you bought. You can exchange of goods constantly and choose the best armors or weapons that the best work for you according to the section that you are playing. To sell back the goods, drag the items over the shopping store.

Besides, after you killing your enemies, there will be come out, such as: powerful shot, rockets scattered in all directions, bonuses like ice cream enemies. You can add power to your by collecting all these, at least for the short period of time. There are sections that you must fight with large group of enemies in each section. After killing these archenemies, they will leave some kind of items for you. They are not available in the shopping stores, because of this; we suggest you not to sell but, store them in somewhere. Remember, act quickly in order to not giving you harm, when the enemies appear in alot sections.

Whish you the best chance!