Flight Game

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We introduce our difference with a game, in which you can not help your self from its addiction for hours. While you are playing it, you ever never feel boring your self. When it is compared with normal shotting games, what they are included, it is one step ahead with including extra entertaintment options. Your goal in the game, is to deliver the letter of little girl who would like to spends the New Year Christmas with her mother.

Choose anyone, from the recording sections; after you initiated the game with "New Game" button. You can pass the introduction part quickly with "Skip" button. To throw your aircraft, hold it from any point with "Mouse" and then, let it go ahead. The more you throw much more ahead, the much more you have got money. You can strengthen your aircraft and buy extras with the money you earn, among the sections. If you buy control power, do this with "A, D" keys, but; if you want to get fuel, in that case, use "Space" key.

Now, let's give you a few tips about the game: First of all, try to purchase, a top-level type of aircraf, with the money you earn in the game, as much as it possible. Thus, your fuel and shotting power, will increase, if you touch on flying birds, the score that you get will increase for a period of time, so try to touch them as soon as possible. In addition, there is a question mark, at the hindmost line. A surprise awaits for you, if you buy it.

Wish you have fun!