Bad Ice Cream Game


How about playing a game, in which you do not feel tired, not only easy on playing, but also, you have a lot of fun, enjoy, at the same time, in this game, while it is being played. Moreover, you can play it not only by your self, but also together with your friends.

After the game is loaded, go on with "Click To Lick" button and launced the game with "Play" button. Your goal in the game, is to collect all fruits without caughting the enemies. You can break the ices or you can reproduce ice, in the section, at the same time, while doing this.

The player controls are as follows: The first player uses "W, A, S, D" keys to move, in order to froming or breaking the ices "Space" or "Enter" key; as to the second player: uses "Arrow" keys to move, to form or break the ice uses "F" key. If you press on the appropriate key, by coming to near the ice that your would like to break, then the ice is broken; but if you press on it, when it is in free palces, then an ice froms at that region.

You can control your score with the indicator, located on the top left corner and on the top right corner indicator, you can check your remaining time, during the game. You can pause,restart the current section that you are playing and ruturn to main menu with buttons founded on the top left hand side corner, just at the same. You can perform easily collecting fruit process by copressing your enemies in the ices.

Wish you have good fun!