Heroes in a Battle Game

Heroes in a Battle
Heroes in a BattleHeroes in a Battle Rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 20 votes.

Are you looking for a war game, in which both contains combination of your favorite heroes and you can use different machines and weapons; as well as, you can play with your firends? So, this game suit you the best.

To take walk around use "Arrow" keys or "Enter" key, and make enter to the game with "Start" button. If you would like to play aganist the computer, click on "Player1 VS Ai" ; but if you play with your friends click on "Player 1 VS Player 2".

The first layer: to move uses "Arrow" keys, to shoot "M" key, as to the second player: to move uses"W, A, S, D" keys, for fire "G" key. You can check the condition of your energy with green indicators founded on the top corner screen.

Let's give a little clue about the game: if you take the bonuses falling from the air, your attack machines change and even get much more stronger. In the same way, will reduce the increase energy and speed up bonuses from the air. If you are able to collect all these, you will be one step forward against your opponents. Need to be note another point is that there are some traps which are able to reduce your energy, in some sections. Do not forget that you will be able to as successful as how much you are agile, and how much you are able to exact shot.

Good luck!