Mario War Game

Mario War
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Super Mario adventure continues with another adventure. Your goal in the game, which is inspired from the legend game, named Battle City, playing in Ataris; is to protect Bowser and Princess Peach from the creatures, founded in your regions.

Make entrance to menu, with "PLAY" button. After you adjusting the player option, initiated the game. The key combinations for two players are as follows:

Acting: "DIRECTION" keys.
Attack: "L" key.

Acting: "E,S,D,F" keys.
Attack: "Q" key.

The game will be challenging, so long as you continue passing the sections. You will encounter with creatures which are difficult to die, faster runners, and faster shots. You need to protect the Princess against them. If you receive the bonuses, you can strengthen yourself further. These powers will not be deleted, even when you die. You can follow your own life and how many pieces creatures are left with indicator, founded at the top side of the screen. Good luck!