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Carrom King
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We are in presence of you with another version of shot game, which we would pound nails on the wood, with money or pop covers, when we were small guys, in the past. Because of looking a little billiards, this game called as billiards. Not only can be played against the computer, but also can be played together with your friend and so you can experience very enjoyable moments in this game.

After you click on "PLAY GAME" button, if you would like to skip the introduction part, click on "SKIP" button. For single person game, use "PLAY WITH COMPUTER" button, but for twosome game click on "TWO PLAYERS" button. Enter your name and initiated the game.

Both players play the game with "MOUSE" Put your shooting ball anywhere that you want and click left. After you click on the left, the more put back your hand, the more you perform much more quick shots.

The player who are able to succeeding put, at least one ball, plays the game again. If you insert the black ball, if there is, one of the black balls, subtracted out. After you insert the all balls, to finish the game, you need to insert the red ball. It is necessary to adjust the angle of your hand quite well, in this fun game. Enjoy your stay!