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Barbie's Book
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Barbie fans who says "I am a good designer" here! What about painting Barbie's clothes and her friends' clothes, as you want. The beautiful colors and patterns from each other, waiting for you. Why are you waiting for?

After the game is loaded, initiated the game with "START" or "PLAY NOW" button. The game is played with "MOUSE". Choose whichever you want characters named Chelsea, Barbie, Delancey, Madison and Nolee. Thereafter, select the colors or patterns that you want, and then, paint the accessories and clothes founded at the right-hand side.

In the course of the game, you can clear the page completely with "CLEAR" button; with "MORE COLORS" and "PATTERNS" button, you can open more colors and patterns. When you finish the all operations you can print the characters that you have created, with "LET'S PRINT" button. Please continue to follow us, for the most beautiful games! Have you a good time!