Raft Wars 2 Game


Small and cute baby Simon, finds a valuable diamond while visiting a day, at the beach. But, the bad guys receive the diamond from the hands of Simon, and they established an Aqua Park there. Simon who wants to revenge on them, takes one elder next of him, hits the road and then, begins a relentless struggle. Would like to help for Simon in this fight?

After the game is loaded, make an entrance to the main menu with "GO" button located in the lower right corner side of the screen. Thereafter, continue you with "NEW GAME" button. If you would like to skip the introduction parts without pointblank, enough to use "SKIP" button. Your aim in the game is to destroy your enemies, by developing your weapons and boats. The game is played through the "MOUSE". Fire by setting your angle and shooting power. The more you keep out for away your cursor, the more powerful shot you can make.

The most important point you need to pay attention during the games is the time. The more in a short time your defeat your opponents, the much more amount of gold you will receive. You can develop your boats and shield and you can purchase grenades, rockets and cluster bomb, with the golds that you earn. through the chapters, during the game. We advise you, in the first of few chapters, do not spend your money and your weapons, only do strengthen your boats and shields.

After you have finished buying, you can make to the next chapter, by using "GO" button. In the course of the game, you can change your weapon thanks to the buttons found in the upper left corner side of the screen; with the upper right corner side buttons, you can respectively turn on-off the music sounds of the game and can return to the upper menu very easily. Wish you have a ball!