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Flappy Birdies
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You may have played many game styled as Flappy Bird but make sure you didn't play such a Flappy Bird game like this game. Prepare yourself to meet with a brand new feature with this game. That feature is, two player game mode. Call your buddy and start struggling!

It has two different game mode as single game and two player game. Click on "1 PLAYER" button to start to play as single. Click on "2 PLAYER" button to start to play as two player. Here is the game controls:

Single player mode:

Two player mode:
1st Player:

2nd Player:

On single player mode, you should click on screen to give a start. On twosome mode, there are three seconds to wait, after three seconds, you can begin playing. And on twosome mode, if one of the player fails, the other one continues flying.

Have fun!