Tank Trouble Game


Because of not satisfying with twosome, we present you guys proudly for three person game. If say "Yes" for fiercing struggle, you and two of your friends, simple, but; just as existing and enjoyable game, which it suits you the best. After the game is loaded, click on "1 Player" button, if you want to play aganist the computer, for twosome play click on "2 Player" button; for three some play, click on "3 Play", after then, initiated the game.

The goal of game, is to kill your oppenent with different designed tanks. Let's give game controls as immediate as possible: The first player moves with "OK" (Direction) key, and shoots with "M" key. The second player moves with "E,S,D,F" keys and shoots with "Q" key. The third player performs all these actions with "Mouse".

To give some information about the game, can be said the following: Interspersed bonuses come out, during the game, if you take them, your shot power will get stronger. Besides, you kill your oppenents, by making calculation and jumping on the walls. You can make the game settings and turn on - off the game sound with buttons founded at the lower left hand side. Let's see who is much more powerful?

Whish you have fun!