Would you like to be the longest snake in the LittleBigSnake's world where is full of fantastic creatures? You are being released to this fantastic world as the baby snake and the rest is up to your hand skills and to you. When you reach the some amount of largness, you will need to be much more careful with your head. You should not think that the longest snake eats the smaller one because the one who hits the other loses the game. If you want you can share this game with your friends and you can earn success and new titles.

If you want to grow more faster in the game, you should follow the little creatures around or you should find a big snake which has just failed. If you want to be go faster you should hit the left click of mouse for twice. The point is knowing where you should go faster and not being eaten by your opponents. Remember that you the important point is your hand skills not your snake's size. On each time you restart the game, you will notice that your hand skills are improved more. It is time to show everyone who is the most skillful snake in this world.

Game controls:

Have fun!