Shell Shockers Game

The day has come! The battle of the eggs with the Shell Shcokers game is beginning! It is a first person shooting battle of the eggs where the humanity doesn't exist. All of the eggs in this game has its own weapon and in this 3D game, when you've got shot, you will feel it in your face with the yellow shooting effect of the eggs. Remember that you are an egg which looks like a blob and it is in your hands to be protected. You will fight in the arena as a team. If you say that you say you don't escape from the battle, it is time show who the boss is in the arena with the coolest side of you. You may be the one who is the best warrior in the arena. Otherwise nobody wants to the fried egg in the fryer. You are the most talented egg fighter! Let's show them to this!

Game controls:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Switch weapon: "E"
Jump: "SPACE"
Aim/Scope: "SHIFT"
Reload: "R"

Good luck!