Super Smash Flash Game


We proudly present this game, in which we raked together all loved heroes from Super Mario, Pikachu, Sonic and to Falcon, you can find all that popular heroes in this game. Moreover, you will passionate of this game, in which not only you can play it by your self, but also with your friends.

Enter to the main menu, by clicking on "Click Here To Start" button. If you want to play solo click on "1 -P Mode", want to play with your friends click on "V.S Mode"; in order to selecting your hero, need to take away and drag the blue and red circles lines. After making your selection, click on "Go" button and choose a part.

The first player, makes move with "Arrow" keys; jump up with "O" key, jockey for position with "P" key. As to second palyer, to make move, uses "W, A, S, D" keys, for jumping up "G" key; for attacks "F" key.

Let's give some tips about the game. If you click on bending and attack keys at the same time, you will make special kick. In additon, if you press twice time on jumping key, you can jump up higher. Try to throw opponent from the cliff, instead of reducing energy, in this way; you can win much more easily.

Wish you have a good chance!