Mario Fight Game


We are in the face of you, with Mario adventure again! However, you will have slitly different fighting style than the previous normal games, this time. To rescue the Princess Peach, you need to beat Bowser and his men, not by throwing or jumping as it always has been; but, normally fighting with them.

When the game is loaded, respectively, initiated the game, by "CONTINUE" and "PLAY" buttons. Your goal in the game, is to both kill the brown insect Gooms, the green turtle gooms and the others as well as the others and to provide a good service to your country and to save the Peach. Game controls are as follows:

Moving: "W,A,S,D"
Punch: " J"
Kick: " K"
Special move: "D+D+K+K"

To give you, some hints about the game, we can say the followings:
You can not make special movements all the time, and must find the right time. Also, becareful aganist the Koops. You may not get rid of them, when they begin to veer round the floor. So, beat them without giving oppurtunity turn around the floor. In additon, do not forget to pay attention to your energy, founded in the upper left corner.

Let's see, will you able to resist aganist Bowser and his supporters, this time? Play and See. Good luck for you!