Super Mario Atv Game


The legend of our childhood is Mario, it is on the tour with ATV vehicles. Let's briefly explain the ATV vehicles for the people, who don't know what it is: It is a kind of vehicle, specially designed with four thick weels, can be used nearly by everbody and can go almost everwhere easily. You are welcome! If you would like to participate in this adventure.

After the game is loaded, select, respectively, first a section and then a car for you, by "PLAY" button. Let's expalin the key combinations for you:
Moving ATV: "DOWN and UP DIRECTION" keys.
To balance ATV: "RIGH and LEFT DIRECTION" keys.
To re-start the section : "R"

Let's give some clue about the game: The game consists of eight separate sections, in which there are hilly and intermitten roads. All these unevenness and ranges, will be much more difficult, as long as you continue passing the chapters. In addition, you can improve your ATV, by collecting the star-shaped golds, spreaded throughout the chapters. You can put into practice that operations, after you are reaching the 50-100 pieces gold. If you are ready, let's begin! Good luck everybody!