Playing With Fire 3 Game


We are in presence of you with another type version of classic Barman game, which you can play it tastefully in your arcade. As you know, your goal in the game, is to destroy your opponents with bombs that you put. However, it will not be so easy to do this, at all.

When the game is loaded, initiated the game with "START GAME" button. Thereafter, set respectively, the number of your rivals, the section, and for the last, the degree of your difficulty of game. The key combinations are as follow:
Acting: "DIRECTION" keys
Placing bomb: "SPACE" key
Turning on-off music tone: "M" key.

To give some information about the game, can be noticed the following: The game have been made much more exciting by adding different types of game features. For instance; you can make dark the chapter suddenly, can play in the dark in a great danger, by taking the bonuses, coming out under the blocks that you have detonated. Of course, this danger, applies to your opponent as well. There are teleportation regions, in the some chapters. Try to squeeze your opponent among the bombs, by using this places.

You can control both your remaining life and your competitors' remaining life, and also can find out your score, with indicators, founded on the left side of screen. Besides, you can return to the main menu, with "QUIT" button. Good luck!