Bom Beat Battle Game


On the one hand, would you like to take part in evaluating your using keyboard ability and your reaction speed rate, on the other hand, joining to filled with full of action fighting games? So, go ahead! Your goal in the game, is to respectively, pressing on the said letters, on the time, in the keyboard, to perform the attack and to beat all your opponents!

Respectively, click on "PLAY" button and determine the number of players. Thereafter, select your character which you would like to play and choose your chapter. The key combinations are as follows:

The first player:
Attack:"Z, X, C" keys.

The second player:
Attack: "I, O, P" keys.

You can learn the keys which each player needs to press, respectively from the introduction quide, during the game. These introduction guides will vary, according to type of motion. If you would like to jockey for position, it is necessary to click on attacking keys, founded in the introduction quide; but, on the other hand, if you would like be protected, then needs to press on protecting keys, founded in introduction quide. Surplus or missing press on the keys, will cancel the process. The more you press on the time, the better strokes occur. Let's see who will win this difficult struggle? Hope you have fun!