Hero Fighter Game


Your country was captured by bandits. All cities are devastating and people are continue killing without stopping. Under that circumstance, it is necessary to help them, as immediate as possible. Ready to became the here of your country, with different characters such as: LUCAS, DREW VS SHAWN! You can play not only, with one person but two people, even with three people, at the same time. if you are ready, initiated the game, respectively, first click on "TRY GAME" button, after then, "STORY MODE" button.

If you would like to save your country, by fighting against the bandits, click on "STORY MODE" button; but, if you want to show your power, by fighting only with your friend, in that case, use "VS MODE" button, on the other hand, if you prefer to participate in one war, by establishing only one battle zone for you, and then, select "BATTLE MODE" button. The key combinations are as follow:

Moving: "2, 4, 6, 8, in numeric keyboard"
Attack: "5 in numeric keyboard"
Jump: " 0 in numeric keyboard"
Protection: "+ in numeric keyboard"
Issuing Command: "- in numeric keyboard"

Moving: "W, A, X, D"
Attack: "S"
Jump: "SPACE" key
Protection: "F"
Issuing Command: "R"

Moving: "I, J, L"
Attack: " K"
Jump: "DOT" key
Protection: "S"
Issuing Command: "P"

As long as you continue killing the people, you will increase your power, by taking the fallen positions, in the course of game. In addition, when you save the men, living on the ground, they also will begin to help you. Let's see, will you able to save your country from the enemies! Good luck!