Backstreet Soccer Game


Football lovers rush into keyboard! Now, it is in your computer, the noticed game that you spend coins over and over, in arcade centers, and feel pain your arms, while you are playing it. In street soccer game,there is, no corner, no crown, and no offside! Because it a street soccer! As it has been all the time, your goal in the game, is to defeat all your opponents and become the world champion.

When the game is opened, click on "PLAY" button, and choose your team. The key combinations are as follow:

Moving: "W, A, Q, D" keys.
Shooting goal: "X" key.
Passing ball: "C" key.
Confirmation key: "ENTER" key.

Let's give a little clue about the game: Do your best not to shoot the ball to the men of your rival. When you take the ball, move forward in rapid succession. At appropriate time, shoot your ball. Not necessary, shoot the ball directly to the goal. You can crash the ball to the walls. When you make goals, you will get additional time, once in a while. Make use of opportunity your time. When you are a defeated team, if you press on "ENTER" key, at the time of countdown, you can compete with that team again. That is, like inserting a new token to the arcade hole, and continue.

Remember, the only rule in this game, is to make a goal! Let's see will you able to be the world champion? We wish you success!