Stick Fighter 2 Game


What about you playing a fighting game, in terms of appearance is simple; but in respect to excitement and struggle is very fast and challenging? Moreover, the game can be played both with single person and together with your friend! Your purpose, in the game is to beat your opponent, as the best of your ability.

Respectively, click on "PLAY" button, select the number of your players. Thereafter, set your characters' energy and chapters then, initiated the game easily. The key combinations are as follows:

The first player:
Moving: "H, K, U" keys.
Attack: "A, S, D" keys.
Private key: "W" key.

The second player:
Acting: "DIRECTION" keys.
Attack: "DELETE, END, PAGE-UP" keys.
Private key: "W" key.

Let's give you briefly information about the game: Besides, regular attacks, you can do special attacks in this game, in which experiences high-tempo, full of action and excitement. In order to making special attacks, needs to be press on multiple keys, at the same time. One of these keys, is both player's private keys. If you press on this special key or one of the attack keys, at the same time, you can get more powerful strokes.

A gift from us to you: The first player can store energy, by pressing on "S, D" keys, as to the second player, can store energy also, by pressing on "END, PAGE-DOWN" keys, at the same breath. What is more, to your heart's content! Wish you good chance to everybody!