Billiards Master Pro Game


Billiards enthusiasts come here! We are proud to provide you with a great game that you can play both with 8 balls and straight billiard game options. Moreover, not only against the computer, but also you can play it together with your friend as well. Let's briefly explain the types of two billiards:

8 balls or American billiard is the first type of pocket billiard that is able to come to the up to date. It is played with 15 balls in total. One of the players try to hits straight ball and the other tries to hit striped ball. The white ball is cue ball, the black one is finishing ball. The straight billiard is much more simple: Again, the white ball is a cue ball but; the players can knock the other balls whichever they would like to. That is; there is no separation like white or black or striped ball. The players, who are able to hole 8 balls, wins the game.

If you would like to play against the computer with 8 balls, select "PLAYER1 vs COMPUTER" button founded in the "8 Ball MODE" but; if you prefer to play with your friend, click on "PLAYER1 VS PLAYER2" button. If you want to play straight billiard, it will enough to doing the same generations on "STRAIGHT POOL" section. The game is played with "MOUSE" for both players. After setting your angle the more you keep hold down on left key; the much more powerful strokes you can perform.

In due course of the game, you can make sound and display settings, restart the current section, and return to the main menu by, clicking on "SHAPED HOME" button, located in lower left corner of the screen. Do not forget that billiard is a kind of sport and should be played under the framework of love and respect. Enjoy your stay!