Ducklife 4 Game


Would you like to feed and grow up your own ducks and to participate in tournaments? However, before the tournament, it is necessary to complete a few small races and to receive invitations as well. It will not be so easy as you think.

If you are ready, make entrance to the game, with "PLAY" button. Make display settings, according to the your computer's graphics quality from the menu, coming back. After you purchasing a piece duck egg, give a name to your new duck, which is born from this hatched. The key combinations are as follows:

Acting: "DIRECTION" keys.
Functions: "1,2,3,4" keys.

You can eat from the esophagus and you can upgrade your duck's energy, at your free time wandering. If you would like to test your duck, click on the blue duckling and participate in the trainings. If you are feel yourself ready compete with the two duckling founded at the free time wandering menu and in this way, you can earn rights to join to the tournament. In addition, you can buy something to your duck from the "SHOP" building with the money, you earned. Enjoy your stay!