Super Mario Racing Game


Super Mario excitement continues in full swing. As in the most game, in this adventure, will accompany you such as characters: Mario, Luigi and as well as Princess Peach, Donkey Kong. Are you ready for a fierce fight?

Select your character with "PLAY" button, if you are play for the first time, click on the first chapter and then, initiated the game easily. The game controls are as follows:

Acting: "LEFT,RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Balance Supply: "DOWN,UP ARROW" key.
Jumping: "SPACE" key.
Fire: "K" key.
Starting over the chapter: "R" key.

You can have extra bonuses, by clicking the stars, during the game. Mushroom uses to accelerate; banana to firing back. You can use the others to shoot towards your opponents, passing in front of you. If there is a place that you hang out, initiated the section from the beginning without losing much time. Have you a good time!