Wedding dress with Rihanna Game


Rihanna fans! Are you ready to renew the image of your favorite artist, from the top to the down. Rihanna is getting married and she needs for your help to be ready, for her wedding. Come on then! If you are trust your taste, Rihanna is waiting for you.

You can select the wedding dresses and hair styles, in your hand, from the right side of the screen. Select the most worthy model of Rihanna. Then, let's mention the bride's most important accessory such as: necklace and earnings. You can also select them, from the top of the screen.

To select the desired model, just click on it, with "MOUSE". In addition, you can look to beautiful tones and images that you can change the background, from the top left corner side of the screen. When your bride is ready, click on "LOOKING JOB" button, founded in the lower right corner side, put on the stage, the final form of Rihanna. Enjoy your stay!