Track & Field Game Game


We are in presence of you, with the second version of legendary Track and Field arcade game of which the maker is the Konami company and it is played in the "NES" platform. As you know, olympic races are held in the game. Now you will have chance to play the game, by using the keyboard actually these games were played before. Moreover, two-person game option is available as in the arcade.

When the game is opened, click on "START" button. Thereafter, click on "OLIMPIC MODE" for single person game; for two-sitter game option, use "VERSUS MODE" button and select your competition type. If you wish, before selecting the type of game, you can see the keypad by clicking on "HOW TO PLAY" button.

Let's talk about the types of competition: "FENCING" is the type of competition which is done fencing sport. In total, who manages to touch to the opponent four time, wins the game. You will join to hurdle races in "HURDLE" type of competition. You need to surpass the other two contestants, in "SWIMMING" type of competition, you take part in swimming races and you have only one opponent. Do not wait to much, if you would like to join to this exciting struggle. Enjoy your stay!