Combat Tournament Legends Game


This game, is for veteran fighters game! The player who does not believe in oneself does not work here. Whether you can play by yourself or together with your friends, you will be addicted of this game. If you are ready, go ahead!

Make entrance to the menu, with "PLAY" button. If you would like to play with single person, click on "STORY MODE" button; but if you want to play together with your friend, in that case, press on "VS MODE" button. After you making the settings, initiated the fight with "START" button. The key combinations are as follows:

Acting: "A,S,D" keys.
Function: "W" key.
Attack: "G,H,J" keys.
Jumping: "SPACE" key.

Function: "UP ARROW" keys.
Attack: "L, ; , '" keys.
Jump: "CTRL" key.

Do not give a space to your opponent, as much as possible. Stun him, by making sudden and serial shots. You can use your special power, when your "SPECIAL" indicator gets full, on the top of the screen. In due course of the game, you can pause the game, with "ESC" key or "P" key and return to the main menu. Come on, go for it! Good Luck!