Ben10 and Friends Game


Ben10 and his colleagues are scattered in parts. How about combining them to make a single picture? Leave you alone, with this lovely puzzle game!

When the game is loaded, you can start to storm intelligence, by clicking on "START GAME" button. The game is played with "MOUSE". Put the parts founded on the right side, to the left side, in a sensible way. Parts, which you put correctly to the right place, will be placed exactly to, its place and will not move again.

During the game, you can make the game easier, by clicking "EASY" button and make it difficult, by clicking on "HARD" button. If you want to complete the puzzle automatically, use "SOLVE" button and if you restart the section, click on "DEAL" button.

We will continue to in presence of you, with the best Ben10 games. Thank you for choosing us, we wish you will be successful in all our games!