Tom and Jerry Gold Miner Game


Tom and Jerry fans here! Would you like to play the legendary game Gold Miner, with Tom and Jerry? Moreover, Tom and Jerry became close friends, in this game and also, two people can play the game simultaneously.

When the game is loaded, click on "SINGLE-PLAYER" button, for single player version, for two people version use "MULTI-PLAYER" button. The game controls are as follows:

TOM: "S" key.

You will be given the minimum amount of money which you need to collect, in the game. If you are able to reach to the limit, you can switch to the other level. Try not to take the shoes, as possible. Because of heavy and worthless, they both cause you to lose your time and prevent you to collecting the golds. Diamonds, are the mines which bring the highest yields of money. If you are able to get them, you will take a big step to passing the next level.

Remember to keep track of your money and your time, with indicators located at the top of the screen. Enjoy your stay!