Trailer Racing Game


We are in presence of you with a different game for the racing enthusiasts! In contrast to the normal races, in this racing game, you will have a big rig! If you are ready for quite hotly contested battles! Here you go!

Having the game is loaded, click on "PLAY" button and determine the number of the players, after you choosing your cars and write your names, initiated the game with "PLAY" button. The keypads are as follows:

Brake: "UP,DOWN DIRECTION" keys.

Moving: "W,A,D" keys.
Brake: "S" key.

The most important thing we can say about the game is following: If you move your car among breaks, instead of normal way, your driving will be regarded as invalid and will not be deemed as tour. In the course of driving, if you try to block your opponent, this will provide a great advantage for you. Please stay with us, for the most beautiful car games! Enjoy your stay!