Big Head Football Game


We are in presence of you with another version of Big Heads Football game which is become a special legend for football lovers. Moreover, you will accompanied by stars such as: Ibrahimoviç, Chrisiano Ronaldo, Torres and Rooney. In other respects of other versions, you will be faced with quite a lot of bonuses in this game. As it has been always, you can play this game, together with your friends.

After the game is loaded, you can make entrance to the main menu with "START" button. For single person game, use "NEW GAME" button, for two person game, use "2PLAYER" button and then, determine your character. Thereafter, you can start the game, with "START" button. The keypads are as follows:

Moving: "W,A,S,D"

Moving: "ARROW"
Kick: "P"

To give some tips about the game, can be mentioned the following: If you manage to get the all green bonuses, appearing in the section, by hitting the ball; it will be useful for your opponent. The benefits and loses of yellow bonuses are associate. First of all, you will be participate in qualification gorps, in the single mode, if you are able to qualify out of the group, you will go out for quarter-final, semi final and final matches.

In the course of the game, you can respectively, pause the game, turn on-off the sound of the game and can return to the main menu, with buttons founded in the lower right corner side of the screen. Do not forget to follow your time. Stay with us, for the best two person football games. Enjoy your stay!