Multiplayer Dart Game


There are a great amount of lovers of dart game, which was discovered for educational training purposes for middle age archers. Therefore, we are proud to offer you a great dart game that you can play both yourself and together with your friend.

When the game is loaded, you can open single person game, by using "PLAYER 1", as to for two person game, use "PLAYER 2" button. The game is played with "MOUSE". First of all, stop the cursor by detecting the area that you will throw and release it after adjusting the shooting power. You will get such points which points are written on the area that arrow hits. Each player has right to throw three pieces. You will earn 50 points, if you are able to hit on the red dot founded in the middle.

It should not be forgotten that dart is a kind of sport game. Please follow us for the most beautiful games. Have a ball!