Double Edged Game


A country filling with full of great beauty, was share out by 12 different power lover kings. How about starting for a wonderful war game, with the fighters living in the ancient times, in order to piecing the country together which was scattered before? You can play the game with twosome and in this way, you can make your friend partner in this mysterious adventure!

Having the game is loaded, click on "PLAY GAME" button, founded in the lower window of right corner side of the game. You can play the game with a single person, by clicking on "1 PLAYER" button; by clicking on "2 PLAYER" option, you can play the game with two person. After you determined your option which you would like to play, you can initiate the game, by selecting the first section of the game from the selection menu screen.

The Game Controls are as follows:

Routing: "ARROW KEYS"
Attack: ","
jumping: "."

Routing: "W,A,S,D"
Attack: "G"
Jumping: "H"

Use "Attack" key in order to taking the weapons and objects from the ground. In the course of the game, in order to including the second player to the game, use "G" key. In order to moving to the next chapter, click on "NEXT STAGE" button. Good luck to you!