The King of Fighters 1.2 Game


With fourteen different fighter staff and ,different from each other fighter options, The King of Fighter serial continues with its all excitement. Experience spectacular moments, whether fight against comprising with twenty-thirty a large enemy group teams or fight against the different dangerous fighters from each other, in the rings or if you would like with a big tournament option. If you are ready why are you waiting for?

Having the game is loaded, click on the "Awu" word. Click on the button located at the bottom window of the game. You can see, why the controls you benefit, are useful by clicking on the first option of the three options, offered in the game. You can go to the part where you set the fighters by clicking on the second one. The fiction of buttons founded in the screen where you arrange the fighters from top to the bottom are as follows:

The green button: You can participate in paying tournaments with the money that you have earned from the other fights.

Orange button: It will appear three options of the bottom chasing fighter windows of the screen, after you selecting your fighter.

You can take part in proceeding fight adventure, by clicking on the first one.

You can fight against fifty different fighter on your own by clicking on the second one.

You can learn why is used the game controls by clicking on the third one.

The Game Controls:
Routing: "W,A,S,D"
Normal Attack: "J,K,L"
Special Attack: "U,I,O"

Routing: "ARROW KEYS"
Normal Attack: "1,2,3"
Special Attack : "4,5,6"

Enjoy your stay!