Red Ball 4: Vol.1 Game


Red ball joining many adventures before, embarks on adventure to saving the world this time. Black ball you encountered previously, told you that it will come back, at the end of the red ball's game of third section. Black ball converting into a square, has brought many evils with its return. The black square offering a great battle against the red balls, converted the red balls that have been captured into the square, in the factory. The king needs to put an end this situation as soon as possible to rescue the people. How about embarking on a supper adventure with red ball?

Having the game is loaded, click on "Play" button founded at the bottom window of the game. Then, click on "Start" button, and move to the first section of the game. If you would like to skip the introduction story of the game, use "Skip" button.

Game Controls are as follows:

Routing: "Arrow" keys.
Jumping: "Space-Bar" key.

It is necessary to jumping on the black squares appearing in front of you, in order to wipe out them exactly. It is an obligation to jumping twice time on the black armored balls, to kill them.

You can prepare your way, by using the wooden boxes, stone roses and wooden carts founded in the chapter. After reaching to the red flag, a mistake that you will do, causes you to start from the last point you arrived. You can start from the latest point, by using "R" key. Wish you good luck with Red Ball 4!