Minecraft Tower Defense Game


You are about to start an awesome tower defense game at Game 2 Kids. You might be played so many tower defense games before but with minecraft tower defense game, we are pretty sure that you will have so many different experiences. First of all you will not play on prepared maps. You will build your own path which is used by creatures, to reach home. Well, if you want to learn more about this game, let's get started!

Click "START" button located on bottom of the game screen to proceed main menu after the game is loaded. You can mute the game sound by following "OPTIONS" button on main menu. Click "START" button and select "ISLAND" level to start to game. To play locked levels, you should finish first level successfully.

Firstly you should beat a path to reach home. We suggest you to beat a long path. Beside the road you will build defense towers to avoid creatures. After you build defense towers, you can upgrade them by clicking "UPGRADE" button after you click on them. You can build defense towers only on the green places. At the same time you can support your towers by building water trenches, lava trenches, tnt bombs and cacti on the path.

Game controls are as follows:

Use "SPEED UP" button if you do not want to wait much. Use "SKIP" button to start next wave. You can "PAUSE" the game by clicking the button located on the lower-right corner of the game screen.

Have fun!