Barbie Bike Game


Barbie has embarked for a long time trip, with her bike. In this trip, many surprises are waiting for her; such as: butterflies, flowers and many other surprises. Of course, not only good surprises. At the time of the cycling, if you are not able to provide Barbie's cycling carefully, it may be damaged. That's why, you should ride the bike extremely carefully. Also, at the end of the game, here is one more surprise for you like: a bicycle is waiting for you together with Barbie.

Click on "Play" button. You can pass the information section with "Go" button and you can initiate the game very easily.

Game controls are as follows:

Routing: "Arrow" keys.
Jumping: "Space" key.

You should collect the hearts, flowers and butterflies; in order to getting more points. You will get surprised gifts, according to the your earning points, at the end of the game. If you wish, you can print out the mentioned gift, by using "Print" button. Have a ball!