City Siege 2: Resort Siege Game


One more an important battle begins, in a different place! This time, the siege troops, get to grip with unlawfulness, capturing the town civilians, coming on holiday, in the coastal areas of the city. Are you ready to rescue the local civilians founded in the area, by establishing your own troops and strengthen them, as much as possible.

Click on "Play Game" button. Select the part of the game that you would like to register, from slot "A,B,C" options, by using "Select" button. You can move to the military zone, by clicking on "Training 1" part. You can open the menu where you can purchase new troops, by clicking on written "Position Vacant" part.

Click on "Start Next Mission" option, by selecting your soldier. After loading the map, you can initiate the game, by clicking on "Start Mission" button. After then, you can make it active and start the operations by clicking on the soldier, you want to select.

You can promote your soldier to a higher rank in the purchasing soldier part, by picking up the soldiers founded in the section. Click on the soldier that you want to promote to a higher rank and then, you can make promoting a higher rank progress, via using "Asterisk".

When you need, you can use "Airstrike", "Medic", "Mechanic" feature options founded in the selection soldier menu.

The best of luck to you!