Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground Game


Yet, one more adventure has not completed, with like-minded sheep; unlike, it continues at full speed. The adventurous sheep, tripping to London and disappeared in London, in the previous section, get into worse hot water, this time, in this section. The sheep, stepping up on the flimsy wooden door, all together and fell into a sewage; as result of breaking the flimsy wooden door. Would you like to help sheep team, get out of the sewage?

After the game is loaded, make an entrance to the main menu, with "PLAY" button. You can go to the settings section, by clicking on wheel mark, founded in the lower left corner side of the game window, in the main menu point. You can turn on-off the music sound of the game, can adjust display resolution of the game, can set up, how should be the selection order of the sheep, from the settings part. Thereafter, you can return to the main menu, by using "SAVE" button.

Click on "START GAME" button. If you want to get brief information about the game and then, if you would like to start the game, you can acquire information about how to be played the game, by choosing "TRAINING" option, before starting to actual sections. Afterwards, you can move to the selection part menu and can initiate the game, by using "UNDERGROUND" button.

In the course of the game, you can do this process, by using "R" key, in case of need, you must start over the current section, you playing from the very beginning.

Each has a different characteristic; the fattest sheep deals with heavy works and the feeblest sheep deals with light duty; on the other hand, the small sheep does small jobs. You can process the sheep via "ARROW" keys. You can make a choice among the sheep, with "1,2,3"keys.

One more a wonderful exciting adventure is awaiting for you, in the game2kids. com!

Wish you have a ball!