Uphill Rush 5 Game

Uphill Rush 5
Uphill Rush 5Uphill Rush 5 Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 153 votes.

We are in presence of you with fifth version of Uphill Rush game which establishes a heart on the hearts of the players. Quite moving eventfully in this game, you will be fascinated by yourself and you will not notice how time passes. All the spectators of the game, are waiting for you, what are you still waiting for?

Having the game is loaded, proceed and select one of the tracks, by using "START GAME" button. First of all, you need to complete the easy game mode to access to medium and difficult game modes. After you determined the difficult level of the game, then, determine the sex, the physical features, the clothes, the colors and finally, the vehicles of your character, thereafter; click on "RACE" button. Game controls are as follows:

Acceleration: "UP ARROW" key.
Going back: "DOWN ARROW" key.
Bending Forward: "RIGHT ARROW" key.
Reclining Backwards: "LEFT ARROW" key.
Jumping: "SPACE-BAR" key.
Turbo: "X" key.
Stop: "P" key.
Map: "M" key.

Try to collect as much as the bundles of money and the treasure boxes coming about in your way. You can purchase more powerful vehicles and beautiful dresses for you with money that you have been earning from the current your playing section, and you can be the best and number one driver around your surroundings. The most important you should consider in the game is balance. So as not to die from the cliffs, provide a proper balance, while you are jumping from them.

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Good luck and we hope you enjoy!