Super Mario 63 Game


We are in front of you with a wonderful game which is one of the Super Mario Brothers series that introduced by Nintendo for the first time in 1985. As per usual, with Mario, you will try to free Princess Peach by standing up to Bowser.

After loading the game, enter the main menu by clicking "START" button. Go on with "STORY" button and choose the introductory chapter then you can start the game by clicking “CREATE” button. The game controls are below:

Moving: "ARROW KEYS"
Function: "Z"
Attack: "X"
Special Power: "C"

Let’s give some tips for the game: During the game, you can read the directions near the signboards by using function button. You can kill your enemies such as Goomba by using attack button or jumping on them. You can use special items such as jetpack in limited time. You can learn the rest of your usage right from the indicator on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. You can fly by the birds in the chapters and jump higher by clicking on the jumping button more.

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