Mecha Arena Game


With the developments of the robots which are showed as new inventions of the mechanic age, robot fights increased. Would you like to take your part in these strict fights? If your answer is yes, Let’s start!

After loading the game, click on the "Allow" button on the Flash Player screen that appeared on your PC. Then go on with "PLAY GAME" button and choose an empty registry slot. Give a name to your team and choose your logo. The game is played by "MOUSE". Thanks to the buttons on the screen you can order or coach your robot and make him fight on the arena.

Let’s give some tips for the game: You can make your robot fight by clicking the "MECHA FREE" button and if you win at the end of the fight, you can earn money. If you attack against to the rival robot and finish the protection on his body, the robot will completely lay down on the floor and you will win. Don’t neglect to fix your robot after the fights. You can practice and develop your robot’s attack, defense and speed by using the buttons on the lower screen. Don’t forget to develop your robot’s parts with the money you earned in the game.

During the time of the game you can pause the game, turn on or turn off the sound and turn back to upper menu. Let’s see if you can be successful in this fantastic game or not. Have fun!