Snail Bob 5: Love Story Game

Once upon a time Snail Bob sees a poster in the forest. He falls in love with the singer on the poster and hits the road. It is not easy to find the singer snail. Would you like to help Snail Bob against to dangers waiting for him?

After the game is loaded enter the main menu with "PLAY" button. Go on with the same button and choose a chapter. If it is your fist time in the game you have to start at the first chapter. Controls of the game are below:

Function: "MOUSE"
To rotate Bob: "1"
To speed Bob: "2"
To stop Bob: "SPACE-BAR"

Let's give you some tips for the game: You can open the doors or move the objects by clicking on red buttons. If you click on Bob, it stops. Wild animals, cliffs or lakes kill Bob, so be careful. There are 3 hidden stars in each chapter. The more stars you find the more points you get. Thanks to the stars that you collect, you will have chance to play 4 mini games.

During the game, you can turn back to upper menu, restart the current menu or turn on-off the sound and music by using the buttons on the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Don't forget to take a look for the other games of the series. Wish you well!