One Piece vs Naruto 2.0 Game


Be ready for a fierce struggle with the characters of Naruto Manga series appeared in scenes in 1999 and One Piece come on the market for the first time in 1997 again. You will be addicted to this game containing a lot of different characters in itself like; Naruto, Kushina, Obito, and Tobirama.

After loading the game, you can play for the single person game, by using the top of the heap button, by clicking on the third button; you can enter two player game. Immediately after coming on the screen, you need to choose your characters with "W,A,S,D" and "J" keys. Thereafter, after setting the sequences of the characters' fighting, you can initiate the game very easily. The keypads of the player are as follows:

Acting: "A,D" keys.
Auxiliary Key: "W,S" keys.
Attack: "J" key.
Jumping: "K" key.
Skiing: "L" key.
Special Attack: "U,I,O" keys.

Acting: "LEFT,RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Assistant Key: "UP,DOWN ARROW" keys.
Attack: "NUM1" key.
Jumping: "NUM2" key.
Skiing: "NUM3" key.
Special Attack: "NUM4,NUM5, NUM6" keys.

In the course of the game, you can make an interesting shot or combos, by using the auxiliary and attack keys, at the same time. Let's give you two examples: (UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW keys + J+J). When your character's energy finishes, you will be automatically switched to the other characters. Remember, each character of your has different fighting techniques, from each other. You should choose the most appropriate one!

In the course of the game, you can follow your character's remaining energy, from the indicator located on the top of the screen of the game. We will continue you to provide great games for you, with the heroes such as; named Naruto and One Piece. Please continue you follow us, for the most beautiful games for you! Have you a good time!