2 Player Math Game Game


What do you think of having a competitive faction with your friend? Is it OK? You can have a Maths competition with your friend in a 3 raising level from easy to difficult. Start the game by choosing one of the addition game, subtraction game, multiplication game and division game.You can stop the background music while playing or pause the game by backspace key.With this Math game,you can both have fun and develop your four arithmathical operations ,think pratically and give rapid answers .

To begin the game, click on "PLAY" button.
Start to game by selecting one of the categories which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and click on "GO" button.

2 Player Math Game Controls:
1st Player: "A,S,D"  

2nd Player: "J,K,L"

You can download Two Player Math Game to your android device by following below link:

Have FUN!